Plastic Bags Pelletizer Recycling Machine

Plastic Bags Pelletizer Recycling Machine
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Plastic Bags Pelletizer Recycling Machine

The Plastic Bags Pelletizer Recycling Machine is used to pelletizing recycling the plastic bags to granules. But this line has an agglomerator tank on extruder, it is suitable for all kinds of plastic bags and films, such as PP bags and PP films.

The capacity we can supply is from 100kg/h to 500kg/h. 

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The general process of Plastic Bags Pelletizer Recycling Machine is as following:


1)  Putting into the belt conveyor -- compression barrel(agglomerator) --Extruding  -- waterring cutting  -- drying --packing  


2)  It can make granules from PP bags, films and so on. Our capacity is from 100kg/h to 500kg/h


3)  With rotation feeder, the pp  flakes will get into the screw even and continuously, our motors, tempreture controller and inverters are made by world famous brand, such as Siemense, Omron, RKC, FUJI, and so on. Our screw and barrels are 38CrMoALA, nitrogen treatment. With double screen exchanger, you can exchange the screen without stopping the machines.

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