HDPE Prestressed Flat Plastic Corrugated Pipe Production Extrusion Line Making Machine

HDPE prestressed flat plastic corrugated pipe xtrusion machine
Modules forming, Air and water cooling, Smooth corrugated layer
easily control, highly automation and stable performance.
Canbe used road and bridge, Instead of metal corrugated pipe, etc.

Product Details

HDPE prestressed flat plastic corrugated pipe production extrusion line makine machine

This single wall fat corrugated pipe making machine is used to produce single wall corrugation pipe, in HDPE raw material.

Application of HDPE flat corrugated pipe making machine:
This corrugated pipe machine can extrude HDPE corrugated pipe.  

Introduction of HDPE flat corrugated pipe machine:
Plastic single wall flat corrugated pipe machine developed by our company adopts gears to run modules and templates so as to realize water circulating cooling and air cooling of the products, which ensures high-speed molding, even corrugation, smooth inner and outer pipe

Advantage of flat corrugated pipe production line:
Special designed screw and mould; the convenient and reliable changing of the mould have solved the problems of easy wear of the barrel and hard foamed of the material. The production line is running fast, stably and easy to operate.

Flat corrugated pipe machine process line:
Raw material + master batches → mixing → vacuum feeding → hopper dryer → extruder → extrusion mould → corrugator forming machine → finished product inspecting & packing

The products:
Plastic single-wall flat corrugated pipes have feathers of high temperature resistance, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, high intensity, etc.
They are widely used in projects with concrete such as cloverleaf junction of expressway, viaduct, railway, bridge, etc.


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