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Why We Need Use Plastic Recycling Machine To Recycling Waste Plastic

Jun 02, 2017

Why we need use plastic recycling machine to recycling waste plastic

1, the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic: plastic material has penetrated every aspect of daily life, the most common of packaging supplies, daily necessities, appliance housings and automotive parts and other products, but these products are not a long period of use. Packaging supplies and more for one-time use, daily necessities of life cycle is also much less than six months, home appliances and cars eliminated, update speed faster and faster, and therefore will generate a lot of waste plastics annually. Plastic materials for polymers, chemical stability, difficult to degrade in the natural environment, causing serious environmental pollution after being thrown away, the so-called "white pollution."

  2, waste plastics waste of resources: environmental pollution caused by waste plastic at the same time, also caused a huge waste of resources. Synthetic plastics raw materials mainly for the petroleum, natural gas and other petrochemical feedstocks. Recycling of waste plastics recycling can reduce the consumption of oil resources, to achieve sustainable development.

 3, waste plastic recycling industry, economic and social benefits: recycling waste plastics as a measure to save energy, protect the environment, is attracting increasing attention, especially in developed countries, work started early, has received significant benefits, Oil reserves are less and less, recycled plastic also means oil regeneration. Melt granulation of waste plastics, plastic raw materials to ease supply and demand, but also save a lot of the country's crude oil imports in foreign currency. In addition, because the vast majority of non-degradable plastic, over time, can cause serious white pollution, destruction of the ecological environment of the Earth. The plastic recycling can alleviate pollution problems. After the waste plastics processed into granules, the material still has a good overall performance, meet blown film, drawing, trombone, injection molding, extrusion profiles and other technical requirements, widely used in plastic products. Because of the price advantage of recycled plastic prominent benefits are obvious, domestic waste plastics recycling market booms. Currently, the country has tens of thousands of various types of waste materials recycling business,Recycling outlets more than 20 million, virtually every village, town and large, medium and small cities, a large number of people to solve the employment problem for the economic development of the country has made important contributions

We can supply the eco-friendly plastic recycling machine, after recycling the waste plastic, the waste plastic canbe reused, let's make a better environment.