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Waste-plastic-to-us-the-green-back-to-earth Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

Jul 07, 2017

"Waste plastic to us, the green back to Earth"


"Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets." With this environmental slogan sounded, people have responded to support the cause of environmental protection, for future generations to leave a better tomorrow. In fact, we waste plastics recycling practitioners are also obscure doing environmental protection, hard working, no regrets, willing, waste plastics recycling, environmental protection to do the backbone of the cause, to create a green home!

 waste plastic recycling plant

Collecting waste plastic is a very hard thing, we collect waste plastic of these people, all day is the storm, wind and rain to go, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired, shuttling in every corner of the city, walking in every rural, everyday, in this noisy city, busy streets, dry dirty and tired work, earn all Is hard money, hard-earned cash! Where there is waste plastic, as long as a telephone, where to go? To drink water, forget to eat, as long as there is work, will immediately run over, dispose of accumulated waste. 

 waste plastic recycling plant

However, we do not call innocence, not tired, because every car back a car waste, the city less a car garbage, we pay every day high-intensity manual labor to sort, sort, collect, transport, the recyclable So that it can become a resource available. Although the humble, but we never too much to speak, but quietly every day with the action for the cause of environmental protection to make a great contribution.

 waste plastic recycling plant

Please give us more understanding and support, let us waste plastic recycling in the end, the waste plastics to us, the environmental protection back to Earth.



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