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Waste Plastic Process Upgrading Is Imperative

Sep 16, 2017

Waste plastic processing road rough industry transformation and upgrading is imperative

 At the end of 2016, a documentary called the "Kingdom of Plastics" was recommended by numerous filmmakers, who were shocked by the fact that the workers were shabby in their hands, and was angry at China as a world garbage dump. Farmers make a living and sad.

In recent years, with the large number of plastic applications, China's plastics recycling industry market gradually bustling, small and medium enterprises such as Yongquan, active investment in recycling of recycled plastics and processing enterprises and the number of large and steady growth, has formed a number of Large-scale recycling of recycled plastics market and processing distribution center.

At present, the number of plastic recycling enterprises have tens of thousands of recycling outlets throughout the country. The report shows that waste plastics recycling industry has grown into an indispensable resource-based environmental protection industry in economic development.

According to the study of circular economy research Beijing Normal University, Professor of Environmental Science Jiao Xudong introduced by the domestic economic downturn and international oil prices fell sharply and other factors, China's poor performance of the plastics processing industry, plastic products in 2015 production of 75,608,200 tons, From 8.02% in 2013 to 0.95% in 2015. Domestic five general synthetic resin apparent consumption of 70.5 million tons, engineering plastics category of about 500 million tons, the domestic plastic recycling capacity of about 27.35 million tons.

Ministry of Commerce statistics show that as of the end of 2015, China's total waste recycling of about 18 million tons of plastic, compared to 2014, the total recovery of 20 million tons down 10% year on year, compared to 2014 year-on-year growth of 46.4 %.

In addition, according to statistics, China has about 60,000 households of waste plastic processing workshops, due to various factors, resulting in many enterprises do not regulate, resource utilization is low, serious environmental pollution.

With the implementation of environmental law, the plastics industry transformation and upgrading, enterprises need to invest more material and financial resources to improve their own technology, equipment and management level, virtually increased the cost of recycled plastics processing. Recycled material due to environmental protection frequently pressure production costs gradually increased, the new material due to crude oil prices fell sharply, the two spreads further narrowed, forcing some companies to give up or reduce the use of renewable materials, recycled plastics industry is difficult.

In order to break the bottleneck and promote the smooth progress of waste plastics processing, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the "on accelerating the development of renewable resources industry guidance", clearly pointed out:

We should vigorously promote the construction of waste plastics recycling system during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and support diversification and high value utilization of different quality waste plastics; promote large-scale waste plastic crushing, sorting, modification and granulation Production line, cultivate a batch of production scale of not less than 200,000 tons / year of leading enterprises, a substantial increase in the quality of plastic products, improve market competitiveness; at the same time increase policy support efforts to play the role of financial funds to the development of the industry.

According to the development status of scrap plastic recycling industry and the shortcomings of the existence of China Plastics Processing Industry Association made a few suggestions: First, policy support, with the policy means to implement the recovery work. The establishment and improvement of waste plastic products recycling legal mechanism is the most important issue. Second, the establishment of large-scale waste plastics market recovery base, once to promote the overall level of China's plastics recycling industry increased. Third, actively explore the recycling of waste plastics market, the regeneration from the plastic bag level up. Fourth, the expansion of new sales model, as China's traditional recycling market there are many problems, waste plastics can use the network and other new sales means to promote demand.

(Source: China Environmental Protection Online)

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