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Waste Plastic Granulator Install Inverter What Good

Jan 03, 2017

Configuration of the main particles of plastic recycling machines professional converter parts works 180% of the low torque output, the output frequency is 600Hz the highest motor speed control. Full range of protective plastic recycling pellet mill drive settings can be restarted, momentary outages, machinery to speed up, slow down, change plays a protective role. Drive motors automatic recognition which can guarantee the stability and accuracy of other dynamic parameters, plays a fast-response, shutdown, rich and flexible input and output interfaces and control, versatility, ensuring high quality results.
Through the converter, it can be summed up in a plastic recycling pellet mill features the specific principle of operation, the above analysis is:
1, low torque, output stability.
2, high control precision.
3, high performance vector control.
4, more than one serial interface control.
5, instead of DC and servo control.