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1 Million Per Minute! Global Waste Plastic Bottles Will Brew Serious Environmental Crisis

Jul 22, 2017

According to foreign media reports, the world sells about 1 million plastic bottles per minute, this figure will jump 20% by 2021. By then, the global use of plastic bottles will be more than 500 billion per year. Environmentalists worry that the human recycling system will not be able to afford this huge amount, which will produce an environmental crisis that is almost equal to climate change.


Reported that the conversion of 20000 plastic bottles per second worldwide sales mainly from the market for the huge demand for bottled water. Euromonitor's Global Packaging Trends estimates that the world sold more than 480 billion plastic beverage bottles in 2016, 300 billion ten years ago, and increased to 583.3 billion by 2021.

Most of the plastic bottles used to contain non-alcoholic beverages or pure water belong to the special bottle, the main material is recyclable polyethylene terephthalate, but the human recycling capacity of plastic bottles is far behind The growth of plastic bottles.

The report said that last year, for example, the global recovery of plastic bottles less than half of the volume sold, the proportion of new bottles into only 7%, the rest of the plastic bottles are sent to the landfill or the sea.

Alan MacArthur Foundation's research shows that the world's annual 5 million to 13 million tons of plastic into the ocean, seabirds, fish and other marine life to eat, by 2050, the total weight of sea plastic will go beyond the fish.

Scientists at the University of Ghent in Belgium have recently estimated that people who eat seafood swallow up to 11,000 plastic particles per year. In August last year, the University of Plymouth found that one-third of the British-caught fishery contained plastic. EU authorities have called for urgent research on the grounds that "plastic particles may pollute the commercial catch of edible fish", the human health and food safety concerns are increasing.

"The plastic pollution crisis is counteracting the threat of climate change because it pollutes every natural system and more and more creatures," says Tigman, a member of the environmental organization's "anti-effluent surfers." Science shows that plastics can not be protected by food chains Absorb, wherever it is digested, bring toxins to our table.

The organization advocates the implementation of plastic bottle recycling system, encourage reuse. "Despite the rapid increase in the production of disposable plastic bottles over the past 20 years, the control and recycling mechanisms have not kept pace," he said.

People are increasingly concerned about the seriousness of marine plastic pollution. Scientists found a very remote unmanned coral reef in the South Pacific last month with nearly 18 tons of plastic waste. Another survey found that polar seaside, even sparsely populated, suffered severe plastic contamination.