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The Role Of Plastic Recycling System

Jun 07, 2017

A recyclable system for transporting materials in a waste stream. A structure formed by a separating and grinding apparatus (125) is mounted on a transportable platform. The device is constructed and arranged to produce three or more product streams from a blend of plastics rich. One of the product streams is a coarse heavy stream, a product stream is a stream of finished product rich in plastic, and a product stream is a stream of light material. Plastic Recycling System The system can be transported to a waste location, operated to separate the waste, and then rearranged in a new location.

From the late 1990s to the early 21st century, the single stream recovery program was implemented throughout the United States. The plastic recycling system has been implemented throughout the United States, and product sorting has become easier. Single-stream plastic recycling system, Plastic Recycling System so that the cost of collection and recovery of lower collection, more convenient operation, but also increase the recycling rate of resources.

US use of HDPE pipeline more than 10 years earlier than China, and the current use of large diameter pipes in the United States can be fully recovered. The United States has a number of companies specializing in HDPE pipeline recycling, they have a lot of plastic recycling systems, Plastic Recycling System including for different HDPE pipe diameter grinder.

Plastic recycling system Recycled plastic products are mainly used for electrical and electronic, automotive, building materials and other fields. The current application of recycled plastic products to enhance the value of examples, mainly in the home appliances, office equipment and personal computers and other fields. Among them, the field of home appliances, including TV peripheral products, audio, Plastic Recycling System small appliances three refinement areas. These areas include HIPS, FRHIPS, ABS, PC / ABS, PMMA / ABS and other materials for the production of TV parts, set-top boxes, DVD, ordinary speakers and car audio shell, vacuum cleaner shell, scanner, printer and computer shell The