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The Plastic Recycling System Is Used In The Production Of Plastic Products

Jul 04, 2017

Plastic recycling systems Recycling of waste plastics according to different production requirements Recycling production lines may include the following equipment:

1. Feeding conveyor belt - bundled or loose thin material of the uniform feed, Plastic Recycling System you can also use the forklift will be bundles of material without the conveyor belt directly into the tear

Broken machine.

2. Shredder - with water torn material, in the shredding at the same time pre-wash.

3. Screw conveyor - transport and wash.

4. Pre-washing machine - to remove part of the sediment and may contain gravel and the like foreign body.

5. Rinse the separator - clean the material, Plastic Recycling System remove some of the sediment and impurities, separate the different density of the material.

6. Crusher - with water crushed and cleaned.

7. High temperature cooker - high temperature cleaning materials, the glue dissolved. Mainly used for PET bottle cleaning.

8. Horizontal friction cleaning machine - high-speed cleaning, Plastic Recycling System the water from the screen hole to reduce the material into the next step when cleaning the surface containing impurities and impurities containing liquid.

9. Centrifugal Dehydrator - Removes most of the moisture from the surface of the material.

10. Hot air drying system - one step drying material.

11. De-labeling system - Removes possible remaining labels, mainly for bottle cleaning.

12. Bagging system

13. Control the cabinet

By selecting the right model, the best fit of the actual production needs of the program, as much as possible control of equipment into the case for the user to obtain the most cost-effective production lines, production of high-quality products for sale or granulation, injection or

Blown film.

Plastic recycling system recycling applications: waste plastic processed into particles, but changed its appearance shape, and did not change its chemical properties, Plastic Recycling System still has a good performance of composite materials to meet the blown film, drawing, drawing tube, injection molding, extrusion profiles And other technical requirements, a large number of applications in the production of plastic products.