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The Application Scope Of PP PE Cleaning Line Is Wide

Jul 27, 2017

PP PE cleaning line mainly for a large number of recycled/film, agricultural film, plastic film, packaging membrane, handbags, shopping bags, cement bags, woven bags, chemical fertilizer bags, such as various soft waste plastic cleaning and design of the full automatic production line equipment. The waste plastic automatic production line equipped with conveyor feeder, crusher, high-speed friction cleaning machine, PP PE Washing Line automatic rinsing machine, automatic feeding drain machine, conveyor, dehydration machine, suction machine, dryer, mixing and conveying to the silo equipment, such as the formation of a powerful waste plastic production line, PP PE Washing Line to achieve full automatic production, with large processing capacity, good cleaning quality, high degree of automation, wide application, but also in the saving of labor, safety, environmental protection, energy-saving outstanding advantages. Waste plastic cleaning automation production line can be flexible according to the actual situation of the user selection of various equipment, can achieve multiple friction cleaning, two times crushing cleaning, PP PE Washing Line composite cleaning, as well as sinking water and floating material automatic separation and rinsing functions. In addition, the central control system can be designed according to different user requirements, and two control and program control are realized.

PP PE cleaning line mainly by: conveyor belt, crusher (grinder), friction cleaning machine, precipitation rinse trough, chain material digging machine, plastic extrusion dryer, control cabinets and so on. PP PE Washing Line Separation of waste plastics (sorting), crushing (with water crushing), friction cleaning, rinsing, extrusion dry dehydration, such as recycling granulation regeneration treatment, conveyor belt with metal detectors. The conveyor belt outlet is connected to the crusher's inlet, and the conveyor belt will transfer the plastic film to the crusher. PP PE Washing Line The discharging port of the friction cleaning machine is located above the feeding place of the hot stirring pot, and the discharging place of the hot stirring pot is positioned above the rinsing tank, and the discharging place of the rinsing trough is provided with a screw feeder screw feeder to the discharging place through to the extruder, PP PE Washing Line the extrusion dryer to the feeding place to the mixing hopper, stirring hopper, U-shaped pipe, conveying pipeline, storage bin, feed fan through to the U-shaped pipe, and then to bagging equipment bag packaging.

PP PE cleaning line is suitable for cleaning all kinds of films, plastic film, fishing nets, greenhouses film, etc., waste plastic cleaning line has high cleaning efficiency, clean decontamination effect, dry dehydration effect, high yield characteristics. The entire production line from the beginning of scrap to finished products, operation very efficient cleaning waste plastic products, dirty agricultural film, PP PE Washing Line waste packaging materials. Easy to operate, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving.

PP PE cleaning line configuration:

300 kg/hour

Main cleaning Process:

Belt Conveyor--pre-cleaning-crusher--friction cleaning--rinsing machine--dehydration--drying system--silo (storage).


From PE pp waste plastic film broken into small pieces, and cleaning and drying.