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Single Shaft Crusher To Improve Cutting Efficiency

Jul 17, 2017

Single Shaft crusher is a more suitable choice. Equipped with a large inertia knife roller and a hydraulic pusher, can guarantee high output; the efficient cutting action of the moving knife and the fixed knife, with the control of the screen aperture, Single Shaft Shredder can break the broken material into the expected size.

Characteristics of single Shaft crusher

Milling type crushing design, low noise, uniform particle size.

The rotor uses the square knife block of the surface sunken, Single Shaft Shredder can reduce the friction heat, when the knife block one corner wears, can simply convert the knife block to continue to use, enhances the cutting efficiency.

Tangent feed box design, Single Shaft Shredder no need to use hydraulic push device, low energy consumption.

The reducer motor is mounted on the cutter shaft, and the shaft rotation is directly driven to break.

Install shock feet on the feet to reduce the vibration when the machine is broken.

The reverse alarm function, when the power supply is wrong, Single Shaft Shredder the machine will not be able to start and alert.

Relay and motor overload protection.

Application range of single shaft crusher

Suitable for the recovery of small and medium sized materials, including injection molding, blow molding or extrusion molding when the production of the head material, Single Shaft Shredder through this machine can be recycled material size smaller or further crushing through the grinder after recycling.