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Rules For The Operation Of Plastic Crushers

Sep 30, 2017

Plastic crusher is divided into claw knife type fast and fast knife blade type fast plastic crusher, according to the motor power is divided into: 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP, 50HP, 75HP, 100HP. According to the function is divided into hopper and automatic recovery system;

Plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of plastic and rubber such as plastic profile, pipe, bar, silk, film, waste rubber products. Plastic Shredder Granules can be directly for extrusion, injection use.

Plastic Crusher Features:

1, all steel welding frame, durable.

2, the spindle is thick, high precision, smooth operation, long life.

3, imported chrome steel double edge blade, blade sharp, Plastic Shredder can be used for the first, durable.

4, tool holder optimization design, claw-type tool holder spiral distribution, can be dispersed by the intensity of broken material to reduce the impact of the impact of scrap, Plastic Shredder making each piece of knife broken shear force greater.

5, easy to remove the design easy to repair and cleaning, and a double structure, Plastic Shredder with sound insulation material, the noise is very low.

6, equipped with motor overload and power supply chain protection system to ensure safe operation.

7, suitable for crushing thick materials, hard material block, Plastic Shredder the first material and other plastic objects.

8, optional accessories (1. with suction bucket 2. with automatic blowing system 3. with vibrating sieve powder 4. double machine bucket 5. stainless steel bucket).

Plastic crusher operating instructions:

one. Plastic crusher operating procedures:

1) Turn on the power.

2) Press the pulverizer to turn on the green button switch.

3) hand will be checked by the broken plastic into the feed port.

4) Monitor the operation of the machine next to it.

5) After crushing the material, Plastic Shredder press the red button switch to stop.

Plastic crusher maintenance

1, the plastic crusher should be placed ventilation position, to ensure that the motor heat dissipation, to extend its life.

2, regularly check the blade screw, the new machine to use 1 hour later, Plastic Shredder with a tool to tighten the knife, set the screw, to strengthen the blade and the fixed between the knife.

3, should be regularly filling the bearing lubricating oil to ensure that the lubrication between the bearings.

4, in order to ensure the sharpness of the knife cut, Plastic Shredder should always check the blade to ensure its sharpness, reduce the blade blunt caused by other parts of the unnecessary damage.

5, before the second start, you should first clear the remaining pieces of the machine room to reduce the starting resistance should be regularly open the inertial cover and pulley cover, remove the flange below the gray mouth, because the crushing chamber discharge powder into the shaft Bearing.

6, the replacement of the blade, the knife and the knife between the gap: 20HP crusher 0.8MM better, 20HP below the crusher 0.5MM is better. Recycled material thinner, Plastic Shredder the gap can be properly adjusted.

7, regularly check the belt is loose, timely tightening.

8, the machine should be kept well grounded.