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Reasonable Design Of Plastic Recycle System

Jul 17, 2017

The plastic recovery system comprises a plastic melting mechanism, wherein the plastic melting mechanism comprises a melting chamber and a feeding port is arranged above the plastic melting mechanism and a top cover for sealing the feeding port; a heating module is arranged on the side wall of the melting chamber, Plastic Recycling System a discharging mechanism is arranged at the bottom of the melting chamber, a recycle box is arranged at the lower part of the discharging mechanism, and the control device is connected with the heating module. Beneficial effect: The utility model provides a plastic recovery device, which is simple in structure, realizes household plastic recovery, and sets out a constant temperature head to ensure the normal sustainability of the material. Plastic Recycling System A set of exhaust vents can be caused by the melting of plastic when the harmful gas. At the same time to provide a reward for plastic recycling, promote plastic recycling.

The entrance of the plastic recovery system corresponds to the first conveyor belt, the outlet is corresponding to the first screen, the first screen is arranged on both sides of the first one, the second cylinder is arranged on one side of the bracket, and the second cylinder is connected with the first push plate of the first screen. The other side of the bracket is provided with a second belt, Plastic Recycling System the second belt is provided with a second baffle, a hot air blower is arranged on the second baffle, a third conveyor is arranged at the end of the second conveyor belt, a UV disinfection lamp is arranged above the third conveyor belt, and a sieving device is arranged for the The outlet of the sieving device corresponds to the fourth belt and the fifth belt respectively, Plastic Recycling System the fourth belt and the fifth belt end are connected with the waste plastic collecting box. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, and can improve the work efficiency of the staff and reduce the workload of the staff.

Plastic recovery system is to melt waste plastics after melting and plasticizing. According to the nature of raw materials, can be divided into simple regeneration and compound regeneration two. Simple regeneration has been widely used, the main recovery of resin production plants and plastic products factory production process of the corner scrap, can also include those who are easy to clean, selection of disposable waste products. Plastic Recycling System This part of the waste material is relatively clean, the composition is relatively single, the use of simple technology and equipment to obtain a good quality recycled plastic, its performance and new material difference is not much. Now, about 20% of the plastic waste is used in this kind of recycling method, most of the plastic recycling plants belong to this category.

The waste plastics used in the compound regeneration are collected from different channels and have many impurities, such as diversification, miscellaneous, dirty and so on. Because of the difference and incompatibility of the physicochemical properties of various plastics, their mixture is not suitable for direct processing, before regeneration must be different kinds of separation, so the recycling process is more complicated, Plastic Recycling System the international advanced separation equipment can be used to select different materials, but the equipment one-time investment is higher. In general, the nature of composite recycled plastics is unstable, easy to brittle, it is often used to prepare lower-grade products, such as building fillers, garbage bags, micro-hole sandals, raincoats and equipment packaging materials.