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Reasonable Design Of Plastic Crusher

Oct 18, 2017

Plastic crusher is commonly used to crush all kinds of plastic and rubber, granular material can be directly extruded, as the production of raw materials. Here is a brief introduction to the use and characteristics of plastic crusher.

Plastic Crusher:

1, chip-type knife structure between the claw knife, flat knife, Plastic Shredder suitable for crushing ordinary sheet, pipe, profiles, plates and packaging materials

Materials and other plastic products

2, general-purpose plastic crusher, Plastic Shredder the use of sealed bearings, so that the bearing rotation for a long time to maintain good;

3, the knife design is reasonable, the use of alloy steel blade, the product into a uniform grain, knife seat heat shrink treatment, and after strict balance test, appearance design elegant;

Save time: Recycle immediately within 30 seconds without waiting for a concentrated smash, and it is clean, clean, improve quality: water mouth material in the high temperature will be exposed to oxidation, wetting (absorption of moisture) and destruction of physical properties, 30 seconds immediately after the recovery can reduce the physical strength, reduce the damage to the color luster save money: A short time to recover, to avoid pollution, The bad rate caused by the mixture can reduce the plastic, artificial, management, storage, Plastic Shredder the waste and loss of purchasing funds; wide use: Suitable for crushing and recycling Pu, PVC, PC, ABC and other soft, hard material water mouth material; simple: easy to disassemble design, change the color of material easy and easy, small footprint space, suitable for narrow workshop next to the machine Using medium speed motor, low noise, low energy consumption, Plastic Shredder motor with overload protection device, and power chain protection system, operation and cleaning safe and reliable;

Optional accessories (1. With double stainless steel bucket).

Main Features

Plastic Shredder This kind of machinery uses the alloy steel blade, the service life is long; at the same time, the machine uses the separation design, is easy to overhaul and the cleaning, Plastic Shredder and has the double-layer structure, has the sound insulation material, the noise is very low, the knife axle seat passes through the strict balance test, the platform base and has