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Rapid Development Of The Domestic Waste Piles Of Plastic Waste Plastic Granulator

Jan 03, 2017

Stages of economic development in turnover and the transformation, model rebuilding, risk the release of a key period, Government waste plastics recycling process the green industry should actively assume corresponding responsibilities, more practical policies, support. Through "introduced to", provides financial support, help enterprise breakthrough funds bottleneck, advance technology innovation; "out of to", expand waste plastic supply and sales channel, foster cooperation new mode, more article way, and Enterprise conspiracy development, help enterprise by low quality, and energy to quality, and low energy, and more varieties, and fine classification, and high-tech application of direction development, will enterprise of technology upgrade "Metamorphosis" for what.

The plastics industry has maintained a good momentum of rapid development in recent years, we are delighted. But a growing mountains of waste plastics, waste plastic processing enterprise "pressure Alexander". According to statistics, the global plastics consumption is growing at a rate of 8% per year in 2030, the annual consumption will be more than 700 million tons of plastic. Waste plastics not only affect the city appearance, bring "Visual pollution", after entering the natural environment, it is difficult to degrade, long-term deep impact on the ecological environment. Gross domestic product is not "gross national pollution", gold and silver than guanghui, developing circular economy and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society should not be just a slogan, it should become the conscious action of the Government, enterprise development consensus.