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Pyrolysis Technology: Waste Plastics Recycling Of The Important Direction

Dec 26, 2017

Polaris  Environmental Network: People use more and more plastic products at the  same time, plastic garbage is just like the general trend of tide into  all aspects of life. In  2015, the world produced more than 300 million tons of plastic  products. Over 91 billion tons of plastic, 9.1 billion tons of  equivalent eleven billion elephants, or 25,000 New York's Empire State  buildings have been produced by mankind since the 1950s. A  report in the Journal of the American Association for the Advancement  of Science in an "analysis of the world's mass-produced plastics" warns  that in the current case of using plastics, "by 2050, waste plastics  discarded in landfills and in the environment will exceed 130 Billion tons. "

A  large number of plastic garbage landfill, incineration and other ways  to occupy and pollute the living environment, and into the ocean plastic  garbage has become a huge threat. In  2010, as much as 4.8 million tons-12.7 million tons of plastic wastes  were flown into the oceans, plastic wastes equivalent to a truck load  per minute were poured into the sea. And every second, there are 3,400 Coca-Cola plastic bottles were thrown away.

Due  to the difficulty of degradation, we have five trillion plastic  fragments in our oceans today, enough to circumnavigate the Earth for  more than 400 weeks. These plastic trash cause the death of hundreds of thousands of marine  animals each year, but also in the food chain in the form of  micro-plastic, plastic debris, etc., into the drinking water and on the  table, affecting human health.

At  present, the recycling rate of plastic garbage in the world is  extremely low, only 10% of the 7 billion tons of garbage collected.  Jaberke, an associate professor of engineering and compilation of  reports at the University of Georgia, said: "Most plastics can not make  meaningful biodegradation. Therefore, The resulting plastic trash can stay with us for hundreds or even  thousands of years, and if we do not come up with solutions soon, the  earth will eventually be surrounded by rubbish and become the junk  planet seen in the movie.

To crack the "garbage siege", we should start from two aspects. On the  one hand, human beings must form a good environment-friendly living  habit. On the other hand, we must rely on advanced waste plastic  processing technology to realize green recycling of waste plastics.

In  recent years, waste plastic processing technology has drawn much  attention. It can effectively recover fuel oil, combustible gas and  solid fuel by conversion, realize maximum energy recovery and full reuse  of waste plastic, which has high economic and environmental benefits. Compared  with waste plastic treatment technologies such as landfill, heat  recovery and incineration, waste plastic pyrolysis has the  characteristics of large treatment capacity, high efficiency and small  environmental pollution, and is more in line with the resource-based,  harmless and reduction of waste treatment in principle.

Pyrolysis  technology represents an important direction of recycling of waste  plastics today, of which industrial cryogenic cracking pyrolysis of  waste plastics technology won the National Science and Technology  Progress Award, is the industry leader in Jinan Hengyu Environmental  Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed and truly realized Industrial  continuous production, 100% utilization of waste plastic resources, no  secondary pollution, is a proven, stable, safe and environmentally  friendly commercial continuous cracking equipment. This equipment by virtue of the world's leading technology, to promote  national green low-carbon development, promote the construction of  beautiful China a powerful tool.

The original title: The global plastic crisis is coming, how to crack the "garbage siege"?


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