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Precautions When Using Plastic Crusher

Jun 20, 2017

Plastic crusher as the name suggests is broken plastic material crusher. In the injection molding machine or granulator production of raw materials at the same time, resulting in bad products and outlet material, can be timely into the machine side plastic crusher, after crushing OK, and keep the crushed clean, dry, in the "rain ratio valve" The proportion of the case, the raw material and outlet crushed mixed, forming, Plastic Shredder manufacturing good, recycling. Plastic crusher and other auxiliary equipment (dryer, dehumidifier, chiller, mold temperature machine, etc.) with the formation of the "crushing ratio of mixed recovery system," the benefits of water pollution is not material, resulting in physical properties of plastic - strength , The density, the color and gloss from damage, it can improve the quality of the product; its benefits include cost and material savings, Plastic Shredder automated management of process improvement, quasi-unattended workshop action, increased competitiveness and environmentally friendly manufacturing activities.

The maintenance and maintenance of plastic crusher

1, the plastic crusher should be placed ventilation position to ensure that the motor heat dissipation, to extend its life.

2, should be regularly filling the bearing lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication between the bearings.

3, regularly check the tool screw, Plastic Shredder the new plastic crusher after 1 hour, with a tool to tighten the knife, set the screw, to strengthen the blade and the fixed between the knife.

4, in order to ensure the sharpness of the cutter incision, should always check the tool to ensure its sharpness, reduce the blade blunt caused by other parts of the unnecessary damage.

5, the replacement of the tool, the knife and the knife between the gap: 20HP crusher 0.8MM better, 20HP below the crusher 0.5MM is better. Recycled material is thinner, Plastic Shredder the gap can be properly adjusted.

6, before the second start, you should first clear the remaining parts of the machine room to reduce the starting resistance should be regularly open the inertial cover and pulley cover, remove the flange below the gray mouth, because the plastic crusher room discharge powder into Shaft bearings.

7, the machine should be kept well grounded.

8, regular inspection of plastic crusher belt is loose, timely tightening.

Plastic crusher use Note:

1, FHG series of plastic crusher and power unit to be installed firmly. If you need plastic crusher long-term fixed operation, it should be fixed on the basis of cement; if you need plastic crusher flow operation, the unit should be installed in the angle made of iron on the base, and to ensure that the power machine (diesel or motor) and plastic The pulley groove of the crusher is in the same plane of rotation.

2, FHG series of plastic crusher after installation to check the fastening parts of the fastening, if loose to be given to tighten. Also check the belt tightness is appropriate.

3, FHG series of plastic crusher before starting, first turn the rotor by hand, check the claws, hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, Plastic Shredder broken room with or without collision phenomenon, the direction of rotation of the rotor and the direction of the arrow pointed to the same, Power machine and plastic crusher lubrication is good.

4, do not casually replace the pulley, to prevent the speed is too high to cause the explosion chamber explosion, or too low speed affect the efficiency of the pulverizer.

5, plastic crusher should be maintained after the first idle 2 ~ 3min, no abnormal phenomenon after feeding work.

6, the work should always pay attention to the operation of plastic crusher, first of all, to be uniform feeding to prevent the blockage of broken room; Second, Plastic Shredder do not work for a long time overload. If you find a vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature is too high, spray out and other phenomena, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting can continue to work.