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PP PE Sheet Granulator Production Efficiency

Jun 20, 2017

PP PE pellet granulator mainly for all kinds of agricultural film, packaging film, live plastic wrap, and low-density LDPE and high-density HDPE and PET film crushing and granulation. Raw material first by the open pre-washing machine PE film evenly through the conveyor into the crusher, broken into Φ80 mm about the film into the friction cleaning machine for the second cleaning. When the material through the friction cleaning machine into the high-temperature cooking pot, so that the oil in the oil impurities in the machine fully separated and into the separation sedimentation tank, in the sedimentation tank internal roller under the role of PE materials continue to be rinsed. PP PE Flakes Pelletizer At the same time with the water overflow from the end of the sedimentation tank in the network conveyor into the centrifuge. Material centrifugal dehydration through the fan into the pipeline dryer, and then through the cyclone into the hopper, and then through the flat belt feeding system to the two-stage extrusion granulator for extrusion granulation. Reducer box with high torque design, to achieve a no noise and smooth operation and other properties. Screw, barrel with a special hardening treatment, with wear-resistant, mixing performance, PP PE Flakes Pelletizer high yield characteristics. The design of the exhaust port, in the production process will be water, exhaust away, so that the grain is more stable, more solid particles, to ensure the excellent quality of the product. The unit has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, stable quality and easy operation. PP PE Flakes Pelletizer It is the best choice for plastic granulation manufacturers to develop new products.

PP PE granulation granulator Features and uses:

PP PE sheet granulator with ultra-high yield, ultra-low energy consumption, good plasticity, can add a high proportion of calcium carbonate and broken materials and many other leading edge, is the largest performance advantages, the highest yield, lowest energy consumption of domestic PP / PE granulation equipment, equipment, comprehensive performance at home and abroad are in an absolute leading position, is all kinds of PP / PE granulation enterprises, PP / PE products enterprises for hard PP / PE granulation of the best choice!

Specially designed screw structure and exhaust port can effectively eliminate the material melting process generated by the water and volatile gases, extruded particles uniform, strong, beautiful, high production efficiency. Applicable to HDPE pipe material, blue barrel material, oil jug, shampoo bottle, PP PE Flakes Pelletizer milk bottle of broken material recovery granulation, yield, high efficiency, full and strong particles. (HDPE small hollow, hollow, large hollow and other broken materials)

PP PE film granulator is the plastic in the melt state of the blade was scraped by the blade and cold water cut cold solidification, the high-speed dehydration dehydration can effectively remove the finished particles of water, the drying effect is good, the pelletizing process Easy to operate, high degree of automation, no dust, low noise, good slice quality, beautiful appearance.