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PP PE Cleaning Line Stable And Reliable

Sep 11, 2017

PP PE cleaning line is through the introduction, digestion and absorption of international industry of advanced ideas and technology, and combined with the needs of today's development and waste plastics two applications of the characteristics of research and development. It can meet the environmental requirements of recycling waste plastics at home and abroad.

PP PE Cleaning line features and uses:

The entire production line from the operation to the finished product, PP PE Washing Line can be very easy to clean waste plastic products. Waste of dirty agricultural film, PP PE Washing Line waste packaging material or hard plastic here step by step to get treatment. The entire production line is simple and effective design to make the assembly line in the domestic popular. In strict accordance with the CE certification requirements of the production process to make the quality of the machine, security more stable and reliable.

Mainly used for recycling plastic packaging film, agricultural plastic film, greenhouse membrane, etc., can also be recycled HDPE, LDPE, PP, EVA, PVC and other waste film plastic bottle, PP PE Washing Line can be crushed and powder granulation.

In view of the characteristics of flat and round bottles, various kinds of dirty pet bottles are designed to meet various states. By the domestic counterparts to adopt the traditional steamer to the latest technology continuous discharge steamer. The control system uses PLC, PP PE Washing Line the electrical equipment all uses the import brand, also may according to the user request import main component, thus achieves the European technology, the Chinese manufacture characteristic.

Recovery crushing and dehydration drying production line: for/plastic garbage mixture, waste pp woven bags, plastic bags, waste agricultural film, such as crushing, cleaning, dehydration, air drying; PP PE Washing Line for pet waste bottle sheet, PVC, ABS, such as can sink in the water in the plastic sorting, off the mark, broken with washing, cleaning, dehydration, Dry drying.