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Plastic Recycling System Used In The Production Of Plastic Products

Sep 11, 2017

Plastic recycling system is getting more and more attention

The plastic recycling system is used to separate the material in the waste material stream. The structure of a separating and grinding device (125) is installed on a transportable platform. The device comprises and is disposed to produce three or more product streams from a mixture of plastic. Plastic Recycling System One of the product flows is a coarse heavy flow, a product flow is a product flow that is rich in plastic, and a product flow is a lightweight material flow. The system can be transported to the waste position, operated and separated from the waste, and then reinstalled in a new position.

The main functions of the plastic recovery system include crushing, cleaning, granulation and drying. This series of production lines are widely used in PE film, HDPE bottles, pet bottles, pp bags and all kinds of general-purpose plastic products recycled.

The plastic recycling system uses electric water heaters to melt the waste to facilitate feeding. The quality of the final product is impaired by the inferior heating process. Plastic Recycling System Our solution employs a force. By using a mechanical solution, it will increase the quality of your final product.

To ensure that impurities will be filtered without leakage. This is in line with various flow characteristics and processing requirements.

will be installed before and after the design of the pressure alarm system. This is used to calculate the pressure difference between a mobile connection that can be connected to a screw replacement device. Plastic Recycling System The filter system is interlocked with the host.

Plastic recycling system processed into particles, only changed its appearance shape, and did not change its chemical properties, still has a good comprehensive material properties, Plastic Recycling System can meet blown film, wire drawing, tube, injection molding, extrusion profiles and other technical requirements, a large number of applications in the production of plastic products.