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Plastic Recycling System Saves Energy

Jul 27, 2017

Plastic Recycling System Description:

1, will be recycled plastic crusher, recycling plastic recovery system, energy-saving plastic recovery system placed next to the injection molding machine, so that the injection of water and waste material produced immediately into the grinder

Crushing, the use of new and old material proportional valve quantitative proportion of mixed, by the suction machine into the injection molding machine of the dry bucket into the injection molding machine plasticizing. Plastic Recycling System Applicable to all kinds of plastic crushing of recycling, that is, the original

Material, placed in the edge of the injection molding machine, there is a manipulator can be directly into the mouth material, and defective products, immediate recovery, European design, alloy blades, phase detection, small volume, noise bottom, Plastic Recycling System medium speed operation

, with two-material distribution valve to rationalize the recovery system to facilitate manual feeding.

2, new and old material proportional valve characteristics: (with the use of suction machine)

3, through the control of new and old material intake to achieve the control of new and old materials to prepare the appropriate proportion. Plastic Recycling System The process only needs to set up the new and old material suction time, the new and old materials can be evenly

The proportion of the need to enter the hopper, to avoid mixing uneven, Plastic Recycling System resulting in product instability.

New and old materials mixed recovery system advantages:

1. The key can be in the shortest possible time to make the water mouth material not because of oxidation, humidification (resurgence), and mixed with impurities and pollution, the main plastic physical property has not occurred before the recovery and reuse, and use

The new and old material proportional valve mixes more evenly, Plastic Recycling System thus achieves enhances the product quality, as well as the process management improvement, reduces the environmental pollution, reduces the waste, reduces the production cost the goal, increases the production

Benefit。 Suitable for placing on the side of the ejection machine, the water inlet and scrap are immediately crushed in use.

2. Reduce the water and waste heap trouble, keep the workshop neat, beautiful.

3. Rapid delivery of water and waste products to the molding machine, new materials and old material in a certain proportion of mixed use.

4. The old material does not dry two times, does not change color, Plastic Recycling System the automatic transmission, saves electricity, the labor saving, enhances the economic efficiency.

Plastic recycling systems can save energy and natural resources

Recycling plastic, reducing a lot of energy and natural resources (water, oil and natural gas, etc.) need to create plastic. According to the American Plastics Commission, plastic accounts for 4% of U.S. energy consumption, of which 70% of the plastic production in the United States is made by domestic gas.

Plastic recycling system saves landfill space

Recycled plastic products also make their landfills and allow reusable plastics to produce new products. Recycling a tons of plastic can save 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.

Plastic Recycling system Saves energy

Overall, plastic recycling is still relatively low. In 2008, Plastic Recycling System the municipal government's solid waste stream of about 6.8% recycled plastics was about 21,000 tonnes, 300,000 tonnes, produced annually by waste plastics.