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Plastic Recycling Granulator Operation More Convenient

Oct 27, 2017

Plastic recycling granulator application of advanced technology, the use of multi-knife rapid crushing, continuous mixing, mixing friction heating, rapid cooling shrinkage principle, the plastic film, silk, belt, film, soft plastic pipe, foam materials, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine With the corners caused by particles into the production, is the latest type of plastic recycling renewable ideal equipment.

The crushing device includes a frame, a crushing cabinet and a cylinder, and a crushing cabinet is arranged above the frame, and the crushing cabinet is a hollow pyramid with a small bottom surface of the upper bottom surface, The bottom of the crushing cabinet is provided with a transition port, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine and the transition port is connected with a granulation mechanism through a pipe; a feeding port is arranged on the upper surface of the crushing cabinet, and a hopper is arranged at the inlet of the inlet; Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine A driving roller and a driven roller are rotatably mounted on the side wall of the crushing cabinet by a bearing; the left side of the frame is provided with a motor, the motor is connected to the driving roller by a belt drive; the driven roller is rotatably mounted on The driven roller frame is horizontally slidably mounted on the side wall of the crushing cabinet, the cylinder is fixed on the left side of the crushing cabinet, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine and the cylinder is driven to connect the driven roller frame; the driving roller and the driven roller are uniformly arranged Wherein the driving device is connected with one end of the screw, the screw is located in the cylinder, the bottom of the barrel is provided with a filter, and the filter is arranged under the filter, and the driving device is arranged at the bottom of the frame. There are collection boxes The collecting box is connected with the barrel, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine the screw comprises a rod body, the screw body is provided with a thread, the thread is a double thread and the two threads of the double thread are different in height; the rod body is provided with a cavity, Straight wire on the heating wire.

The main features of plastic recycling granulator:

A, crush, mix, color can be carried out at one time.

B, the machine covers an area of small

C, mechanical structure is simple, easy to operate.

D, blade clearance adjustable, easy tool change

E, high production efficiency, low energy consumption (daily output of 1 ton, power consumption of 200 degrees)

F, the basic does not destroy the molecular structure of raw materials, does not damage the physical properties.

Plastic Recycling Granulator Simple Structure Description:

(A) simple and on the opening and closing institutions:

Simple on the next two, the middle with four bolts (on the cylinder can be rotated 360 degrees). Fixed knife fixed in the shell of the six tower, the cylinder is made of stainless steel stamping, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine in the outer cylinder and the cylinder between the package with infrared stainless steel heater and thermocouple temperature measurement device. Between the upper cylinder and the inner cylinder is equipped with infrared stainless steel heater and thermocouple temperature measurement device.

The inner cylinder is also made of inner and outer shells. The inner cylinder is made of stainless steel plate. The water is cooled and fixed at the top of the shell. Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine As the lower cylinder is in contact with the waste material, the inner volume of the inner body is made of stainless steel, Wear resistance and corrosion resistance will increase the life of the equipment.

(Two) knife, knife and pitch structure:

Plastic Recycling Granulator Design Knife 2, made of T8A, mounted on a zigzag turret, and the tool explorer is mounted on the spindle of the center of the cylinder.

The machine set the knife 6, according to the fixed tool holder (blade material above). The fixed tool holder is fixed with 4 studs and fixed on the outer shell of the lower cylinder, all over the same horizontal section of the outer circumference of the cylinder. The horizontal rotation of the knife blade intersects the gap between the knife and the knife, and the waste is cut and crushed at the intersection between the knife and the knife. Plastic Recycling Granulator The turret is mounted on the housing, as long as the four nuts are released to adjust the knife pitch. According to the type of waste and the quality of the material determined by the grinding process to adjust the adjustment knife and knife clearance (with a ruler correction).

The knife and the knife are fixed with M12 and three hexagon socket head cap screws. Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine When the blade is blunt, it can be removed by rotating the upper cylinder. It is easy to remove the blade and then re-install it. : Need to re-correct moving, Paul knife gap).

(3) transmission mechanism

Plastic Recycling Granulator The electric pulley is used to drive the pulley at the shaft end of the motor. The lower end of the machine spindle is also installed in the bearing seat, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine the upper end into the cylinder center, the lower cylinder fixed in the bearing fixed on the base, the structure is stable and compact, the four-stage 1450, connected to the base, Adjust the tension of the belt before and after