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Plastic Recycling Granulator Meets Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Requirements

Sep 30, 2017

Plastic Recycling Granulator is mainly used for the production of plastic products produced by the recycling of recycled plastic granulation. Reduce waste in the production process, in line with energy saving and environmental protection requirements. Modular design, controlled by professional software to ensure a high degree of production safety, the speed can be automatically adjusted to create uniform, high-quality recovery of particles.

1, automatic feeding device: the use of automatic feeding technology, according to the level sensor feedback signal, automatically made on the material to determine. Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine No manual control of feeding time, quantity. To ensure the stability of the extrusion volume, simplifying the manual operation.

2, crushing device: floating gear box installation, reducing the crushing vibration on the shaft damage, increasing the life of the crushing roller.

3, exhaust type extruder: Direct drive motor, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine constant torque output to ensure the smooth operation of the extruder, the space is also more than the previous gear box + motor more compact.

4, automatic network for the system: two stations alternately for the network, than the single-site network to bring the pressure fluctuations to small, to ensure a smooth network.

5, pelletizing device: the use of blade and die flexible contact with the way, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine by changing the size of the pressure, before and after the location of adjustable, so that more smooth pelletizing.

Plastic recycling granulator is mainly used to recover a kind of mechanical equipment, is used for mechanism polyolefin, polyethylene and so on thermoplastic, it and the corresponding auxiliary machine can be processed PE, PP, ABS, PC, etc. plastic products Of the processing. The type of machine and equipment screw with different aspect ratio and compression ratio, the barrel is used in different structures, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine use the appropriate barrel, drive mechanism, screw, to meet the processing needs of high-quality products. Plastic recycling granulator reducer is better, inside the gear must be heat treatment, the bearings can be adjusted.

Plastic recycling granulator to have power distribution cabinet, the equipment is the most critical cylinder and screw quality is better, washing machine must be continuous production, do not need to stop changing water, with the cleaning pool, otherwise the efficiency is relatively low. In fact, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine there are many different types of machines and equipment, according to different application characteristics can be included in the machine and the twin-screw plastic granulator, etc., Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine according to different forms of use can be divided into film recycling Granules and pp plastic granulator and so on, each type will have its different roles and advantages.