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Plastic Recycling Granulator Improves Productivity

Aug 18, 2017

Plastic recycling Granulator is the a mainly used to make materials to create a specific shape of the molding machine, with the advantages of low cost, easy operation and convenient cleaning, the machinery consists of a discharge line device, a straightening device, a preheating device, a cooling device, a traction device, a Jimi, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine a spark tester and a wire receiving device, each of which has its own different functions, including:

1. Straightening device: Generally speaking, the straightening device of plastic recycling granulator is mainly divided into roller type (horizontal and vertical type). Pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley group), Wheel type (also drag, straightening, stable tension and other functions), roller-type (divided into horizontal and vertical) and other forms, mainly used to prevent plastic extrusion line core of various types of bending.

2, preheating device: Cable core preheating for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion is necessary, the core in the extrusion before the package through High-temperature preheating can completely clear the surface of water, oil. For the sheath extrusion, its main role is to dry the core, to prevent moisture (or around the cushion layer of moisture) to the role of the sheath in the possibility of blowhole.

3, cooling device: Forming plastic squeeze layer after leaving the head, should be immediately cooling stereotypes, otherwise it will be under the action of gravity deformation. The General PVC plastic layer adopts the quench. Slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine in the cooling tank in the different temperature of the water, so that the product gradually cooling stereotypes, PE, pp extrusion on the use of slow-cooling, that is, through hot water, warm water, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine cooling three sections of cold.

4. Control device: The control system of plastic recycling Granulator includes heating system, cooling system and process parameter measuring system, which consists of electrical apparatus, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine instrument and actuator (i.e. control screen and operation table). Its main function is: control and adjust the main auxiliary machine's drive motor, the output conforms to the process request speed and the power, and can make the main auxiliary machine coordinates the work, detects and adjusts the plastic extrusion machine The temperature, the pressure, the flow, realizes to the entire unit the control or the automatic control.

At present, plastic recycling granulator can be widely used in waste plastic film, such as industrial packaging film, agricultural plastic film, greenhouse membrane, beer bags, handbags and other processing, as well as woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine daily necessities and other equipment processing, applicable to most of the common waste plastic, waste plastics recycling industry is the broadest use, the most widely used, the most popular plastic recycling machinery.

With the expansion of the market demand of plastic recycling granulator, plastic recycling granulator has a wide range of development in the next few years and even decades.

Use: Plastic recycling granulator is the polyethylene (greenhouse membrane, beverage bottles, lining bags, etc. or polypropylene (old woven bags, bags, bundles, Zahan, etc.) by extrusion, cooling, cutting particles to produce plastic particles of equipment, the production of a wide range of uses, is the vast number of friends ideal investment projects.

Second, characteristics: plastic recycling granulator and crushing cleaning machine, granulator matching. Broken clean plastic, not cool, directly can be put into extruding granulation, simple process, advanced technology, and suitable for different waste plastics. The use of automatic temperature control, (coal) electric heating, less electricity, no pollution, high degree of automation. A full set of equipment by the mainframe, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine crushing cleaning machine, granulator, cleaning trough (can be homemade), cooling trough (can be homemade) composition, the set of units complete, can be automated continuous production, because of equipment, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine special exhaust and drainage devices, so the waste after washing no longer drying, and direct granulation, and granulation clean, non-polluting and aging phenomenon, greatly reducing the production costs, improve production efficiency. The machine has the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high quality of finished products and wide adaptability, which can meet various processing requirements.

The main equipment, dry, wet dual-use, its dual exhaust, drainage, voltage regulator, no downtime to change the domestic leading network. After adding the die head, can also produce film, board, tube, wire, profile, etc., the comprehensive performance is superior to the existing other models in China.