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Plastic Recycling Granulator Energy Saving Effect Is Remarkable

Jun 07, 2017

Plastic recycling granulator is mainly applied to the old and new high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic recycling granulation and engineering plastics blending granulation, processing of plastic common plastic film, woven bags, , Pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities and ABS plastic sheet, pipe, household appliances chassis, car bumper and so on. Waste plastic recycling equipment, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine energy-saving equipment: the main and vice-machine integration, easy installation, small footprint, cost performance, the use of high-pressure friction without intermittent warming principle, multi-function heating mode and equipped with constant temperature system, without continuous heating , Reduce energy consumption by 30% - 40%. Waste plastic recycling granulation equipment automation process design is reasonable, cleaning, crushing, feeding, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine pelletizing mechanized water operations, one to two people can easily operate.

Plastic recycling granulator has the following two advantages:

1, soft plastic, hard plastic can be recycled, which fundamentally solve a lot of plastic recycling manufacturers a major problem, the current industry, soft plastic and hard plastic recycling must use two production lines, which not only increased the equipment Procurement costs, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine but also for the production workshop area to bring trouble, and also reduce labor costs.

2, the machine has broken, extruded, granulated three kinds of equipment characteristics, in the recovery of soft plastic (ie, film, woven bags, bags), without separate broken, can be directly recycled granulation.

Plastic Recycling Granulator Features:

1, according to the user requirements or back to the characteristics of the use of single screw, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine twin screw (flat double, cone double), the style can be single, double and so on.

2, plasticized granulated polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (pvc), PET, abs and other engineering plastics or general plastic recycling granulation.

3, the host is equipped with dehydration device, can be directly processed with water waste plastic.

4, waste woven bags do not need to disassemble, do not cut edge, without broken pieces, can be directly into the host production, Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine waste film can be broken directly without granulation.

5, the host configuration is fully self-control cabinet, easy to operate, stable performance.

6, low energy consumption, energy saving effect is remarkable, high yield, mechanical and electrical integration.