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Plastic Pipe Machine Has Good Mechanical Properties

Oct 27, 2017

Plastic pipe machine with low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple operation, the advantages of high degree of automation. Plastic pipe machine produced by the tube has good mechanical properties and chemical properties, Plastic Pipe Making Machine suitable for pressure or corrosion of gas, liquid transport.

Plastic pipe system can be used to produce a variety of plastic plastic pipe, production and life of water pipes and coal water pipes, according to user needs to produce all kinds of plastic pipe, pouring pipe.

Plastic pipe machine is the production of various soft and hard plastic pipe equipment, Plastic Pipe Making Machine can produce 4 points -5 inch of various plastic pipe, mainly by the electrical control cabinet - Extruder - traction machine - air pump - cooling water tank - composition.

Plastic pipe machine mainly by the electrical control cabinet - extruder - traction machine - air pump - cooling water tank - winding and other components, can produce a variety of styles, various types of plastic pipe.

 Plastic pipe machine host drive with stepless speed change, the whole machine automatically control system. Screw, barrel with high quality alloy steel, and by ion nitriding treatment, wear, corrosion resistance, screw design special, can be directly used powder production, Plastic Pipe Making Machine reduce the cost of production. Plastic pipe machine electrical components high precision, reliable quality, easy maintenance. Plastic pipe machine it is durable, excellent quality, with high yield, low energy consumption, high degree of automation features, Plastic Pipe Making Machine with its less investment, quick, good economic advantages, the city Environmental Protection Bureau as green products, won the Users around the country's praise.

Plastic pipe machine mainly electrical control control cabinet - extruder - tractor - air pump - cooling water tank - winding and other components, power 5.5-18kw, the output of 20-60 kg / hour, Plastic Pipe Making Machine adjust the machine can produce Plate, nylon grass, aluminum doors and windows of plastic products.

The most widely used plastic pipe machine, the most popular plastic recycling machine processing machinery.

1, the use of twin-screw, dual-motor, double reducer, Plastic Pipe Making Machine split the two simultaneous operation, a substantial increase in production.

2, the secondary machine has a secondary plasticizing function, Plastic Pipe Making Machine so that a wider range of processing to adapt, a higher degree of curing, better particle quality

3, to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, Plastic Pipe Making Machine saving about 30% power consumption, increased profit margins.