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Plastic Granulator Technology Tips

Jan 03, 2017

Extrusion machine according to machine head flow direction and angle between the center line of the screw will head into a bevel head (angle 1200) and the crosshead. Head of shell is with bolt fixed in fuselage Shang, head within of mold has die core sat, and nut fixed in head into line port, die core seat of front with die core, die core and the die core seat of Center has hole, for through core line; in head Qian Department with are pressure ring, for balanced pressure; squeeze package forming part by die sets seat and die sets composition, die sets of location can by bolt through support to regulation, to adjustment die sets on die core of relative location, easy regulation squeeze package layer thickness of uniform sex. Head external heating installed blade and temperature measuring devices.

Basic information

Hosts are extruded plastic granulator machine, which consists of extrusion systems, drive systems, and heating and cooling systems.

1 extrusion, extrusion system consists of screw and barrel, Hopper, die, and die, plastics by squeezing the system plastics melt evenly, and, in the process of establishing, under pressure from continuous by screw extruder.

(1) screw: is the most important parts of extruder, it is directly related to applications and productivity of extruders, made from high-strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel.

(2) barrel: is a metal cylinder, generally with higher heat resistance, compressive strength, strong wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloy steel composite pipe made of or lined with alloy steel. Barrel and screw fit, realize the plastic pieces, softening, melting and plasticizing, vent and compaction, and uniform conveyor rubber molding system. Barrel length is 15~30 times the diameter, so that the plastic is fully heated and fully plastic into principles.

(3) the hopper: hopper with cut-off device at the bottom, to make the adjustments and cut off the flow, side of the hopper with sight and calibration of metering devices.

(4) die and die: die made of alloy steel and carbon steel coat, and head is equipped with mold. Head rotation movement of plastic melts into parallel straight line motion, steady import model Kit, and endows plastics with the necessary pressure.