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Plastic Granulator's Role In Materials Science

Jan 03, 2017

In the area of modern material science, organic polymeric materials is an important aspect and the plastic material is the most important branch of organic polymeric materials, nowadays plastic materials used throughout the various national economic sectors and all areas of people's lives, from industrial, agricultural, transportation and national defense construction. Such as machinery manufacturing, instrumentation, electronics, telecommunications, automotive, military technology, medical, textile, food, appliance manufacturing, general merchandise, entertainment and other applications will become increasingly popular. Plastic granulating machine for plastic universal, and made an important contribution to the development. In aerospace engineering, plastic materials are also increasingly important, based on thermosetting resin matrix composites have decades of history, high performance thermoplastic resin-based composites and emerged from behind. Resin matrix composite with its light weight, high specific strength and stiffness and other unique performance, reduce vehicle mass, increased payload, improved flight performance and certain special functions, plays an irreplaceable role of any other material. The other hand, many excellent engineering plastics, aerospace instrumentation, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and accessories, interior decoration and other applications are more and more, it has become increasingly important.

All polymer materials, the most widely used plastic, most varieties, the production's biggest, and most closely related to technological development with people's lives, and great development potential. Engaged in polymer material science and engineering, especially engaged in plastic material research, and development and application of personnel, should in-depth understand plastic material of preparation method, and composition, and structure and performance and processing method, most effective to using has has plastic material, for social created out various quality plastic products, and constantly research development out performance more excellent of plastic new varieties, meet people life and science and technology development of need.