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Plastic Granulator For Plastic Components Requirements

Jan 03, 2017

Plastic granulator technology tip plastic granulator for plastic composition has a lot of requirements. Composition of plastic resin is the most basic ingredient, known as the matrix material. According to the actual needs, in plastic materials also contain many other components, known as auxiliaries, additives to improve properties of materials or process performance. Thermoplastics are sometimes used in the form of pure resin, thermosetting plastics and it is entirely in the form of adding additives used. Additives for plastic materials of many kinds, including packing, reinforcement, plasticizers, lubricants, antioxidants, stabilizers, light stabilizers, flame retardants, colorants, antistatic agents, curing agents, foaming agents and other additives. Basic requirements for additives is functionally effective, used in plastics processing conditions, and resin bonded solid, no dialysis and blooming, nonpoisonous and tasteless, reasonable price. Contact dialysis refers to a plastic additives to the migration phenomenon in other materials. Dialysis occurs as a result of the additives in the resin matrix material have some solubility may also have some solubility in contact materials. Bloom refers to a plastic surface migration of additives to the products, mainly refers to the plasticizer and lubricants. When the auxiliary processing temperatures at the resin is completely dissolved, but only part of the solution at room temperature, the forming of products stored at room temperature or blooming phenomenon will occur when used. Plastic components, plastic granulating machine for the processing of different degrees.

Fillers are used to improve the physical properties such as thermal conductivity, swelling, heat resistance, dimensional stability, hardness, contractility, sometimes in order to improve or be mixed with the improvement of some mechanical properties of the material, sometimes packing is mainly in order to reduce material costs.