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Plastic Crusher Save Electricity And Durability

Aug 30, 2017

Plastic Crusher Features:

Applicable to all kinds of foreseen of crushing and reuse, especially for all kinds of hard plastic (such as material head, shoe last material, etc.) better effect. Npcy Series Crusher operation is convenient, the change knife is simple and quick; claw-type knife can be dispersed by strength, Plastic Shredder it will be each knife and shear force increase, suitable for crushing thick material, material block, material first class, effectively improve the cutting force of the tool, reduce tool wear; with the electric control according to the whole design, Plastic Shredder the material head adopts Double-layer structure, the inside fills the sound insulation Make the equipment have good safety and environmental protection, save electricity and durable.

Plastic Crusher Related instructions:

1. It is suitable for recycling of plastic such as box, thin pipe, blow moulding, bottle and shell.

2. JJGD Series Crusher easy to operate, easy and quick change knives, flat-type knife wide structure suitable for crushing large-volume thin-walled, thin material products, Plastic Shredder improve the crushing efficiency; equipped with electrical control safety design, Hopper adopts double-layer structure, inner fill sound insulation material, motor with overload protection device, power chain protection system, Plastic Shredder Make the equipment have good safety and environmental protection, save electricity and durable.

Plastic Crusher in the energy-saving emission reduction plays an important role, the title seems to sound and the crusher is not on the edge, but careful analysis of the article, Plastic Shredder you will find that the plastic crusher in energy-saving reduction in the work can not.

Therefore, vigorously develop new, energy-saving plastic crusher has been the urgent situation today, China's crusher market development trend is the production of crusher has been saturated, Plastic Shredder and the development of new crusher market is a blank, now some crusher manufacturers are competing in the low-end market, so new, High-end crusher market is very few competition, which gives some large crusher manufacturers to provide a row of competitive platform.

For different properties of plastic materials, Toyota machinery imported energy-saving, efficient import motor, the use of Special programming circuit board control, Plastic Shredder the realization of saving 30 seconds per minute, saving half of the electricity, greatly saving energy.

The introduction of efficient and energy-saving plastic crusher with plastic crushing, system-saving 0.95kw/t, the use of frequency conversion speed control technology, the fan, motor-type equipment for technical transformation, Plastic Shredder annual electricity saving more than 7.5 million kwh.