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Plastic Crusher In The Energy-saving Reduction Of The Work Is Not

Aug 18, 2017

Plastic crusher plays an important role in energy saving and emission reduction, the title seems to be a sound and plastic crusher can not pull the edge, but carefully analyze the article, you will find that the plastic crusher in the energy-saving reduction of the work is not.

Therefore, vigorously develop new, energy-saving plastic crusher is now the urgent situation, China's plastic crusher market development trend is the production of plastic crusher has been saturated, Plastic Shredder and the development of new plastic crusher market is a blank, Plastic Shredder now some of the plastic crusher manufacturers are competing in the low-end market, such a new, high-end plastic crusher market is very few people to compete, this gives some large-scale plastic crusher manufacturers to provide a row of the competition platform.

For different properties of plastic materials, Toyota machinery imported energy-saving, efficient import motor, the use of Special programming circuit board control, the realization of saving 30 seconds per minute, saving half of the electricity, greatly saving energy

The introduction of efficient and energy-saving plastic crusher with plastic crushing, system-saving 0.95kw/t, the use of frequency conversion speed control technology, fan, motor-type equipment for technical transformation, Plastic Shredder annual electricity saving more than 7.5 million. Plastic crusher is mainly fixed in the body and the rapid rotation of the knife composition, its role is to plastic molding scrap, defective and waste plastic products broken into small particles, easy to reuse, reprocessing into plastic products.

The plastic crusher needs to prepare, inspect and handle two pieces of work before turning on to ensure the normal operation of the machine, our main content today is to discuss how to prepare, check and deal with. What are you going to do to get ready to believe that everyone knows what to do? What is the place to check and what to deal with? Can this be known? The small plait here is not suspense, Plastic Shredder let us come to understand below.

Get ready:

1, tools: wrenches, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, shovel, etc.

2, necessary spare parts: All kinds of short link chain, chain ring, bolts, nuts, plastic crusher, Plastic Shredder such as the insurance pin;

3, lubricants, turbine oil

Check and process:

1, motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, nose, tail and other parts of the joints must be complete, intact, fastening. REDUCER, hydraulic shaft section should be no leakage of oil, oil leakage, the appropriate amount of oil.

2, the signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal no boot. Plastic Shredder Spray sprinkler device to ensure the integrity.

3, power cable, operating line must be hung neat, no compression phenomenon;

4, near the head of coal, gangue, debris and motor, Plastic Shredder reducer coal dust must be clean;

5, face scraping conveyor head and reproduced machine tail of the lap should be appropriate;

6, scraper chain Board critical moderate, scraper and screws must be fully fastened;

7, reprint machine Walking car must be smooth and reliable;

8, reprint Machine Bridge Part of the situation when the boot, the operation of the Department should be no abnormal sound, scraper, chain, connection ring should not twist, twist twist, bending deformation;

9. The roadway support in the plastic crusher must be intact and firm.

10, Plastic crusher safety Protection Network and protection devices, Plastic Shredder to ensure that the deformation is not invalid, safe and reliable;

11, the reprint machine, the plastic crusher place roadway support must be intact, firm.