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Plastic Crusher Has Good Safety

Sep 21, 2017

The plastic crusher is divided into claw knife type powerful fast and blade type powerful fast plastic crusher, according to motor Power divided into: 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP, 50HP, 75HP, 100HP. According to function is divided into hopper type and automatic recovery system;

Plastic crusher is suitable for all kinds of foreseen crushing and reuse, especially for all kinds of hard plastic (such as material head, shoe last material, etc.) effect is better. Npcy Series Crusher operation is convenient, the change knife is simple and quick; claw-type knife can be dispersed by strength, Plastic Shredder it will be each knife and shear force increase, suitable for crushing thick material, material block, material first class, effectively improve the cutting force of the tool, reduce tool wear; Plastic Shredder with the electric control according to the whole design, the material head adopts Double-layer structure, the inside fills the sound insulation Make the equipment have good safety and environmental protection, save electricity and durable.

Plastic Crusher Related instructions:

1. It is suitable for recycling of plastic such as box, thin pipe, blow moulding, bottle and shell.

2. JJGD Series Crusher easy to operate, easy and quick change knives, flat-type knife wide structure suitable for crushing large-volume thin-walled, thin material products, Plastic Shredder improve the crushing efficiency; equipped with electrical control safety design, Hopper adopts double-layer structure, inner fill sound insulation material, motor with overload protection device, power chain protection system, Plastic Shredder Make the equipment have good safety and environmental protection, save electricity and durable.

Plastic crusher is mainly used to break all kinds of plastic plastic and rubber, such as plastic profile, pipe, rod, silk, film, waste rubber products. Plastic Shredder Granular material can be directly used for extrusion, injection molding.

Plastic Crusher Features:

1, all steel welding machine, rugged.

2. Coarse spindle, high processing precision, stable operation and long life.

3, the import of chrome steel double-sided blade knife, sharp blade, can be used to change the head, durable.

4, the tool holder optimization design, Plastic Shredder claw-type turret spiral distribution, can disperse the material when the strength, reduce the impact of crushing materials, so that the crushing shear strength of each blade greater.

5, Plastic Shredder easy to disassemble design easy to overhaul and cleaning, and has a double-layer structure, equipped with noise-proof materials, low noise.

6, equipped with motor overload and power chain protection system to ensure safe operation.

7, suitable for crushing thick material, hard material block, Plastic Shredder material first class all kinds of plastic objects.

8, Optional Accessories (1.) with suction bucket 2. With automatic blowing system 3. With vibrating sieve Powder 4. Double-layer Machine bucket 5. Stainless machine bucket.

Maintenance and repair of plastic crusher

1, the machinery should be placed in the ventilation position to ensure that the motor work heat distribution, prolong its life.

2, regular inspection of the blade screws, new machine use 1 hours later, with tools to tighten the knife, fixed knife screws, strengthen the blade and the fixed between the tool.

3. Bearing lubricating oil should be regularly applied to ensure lubrication between bearings.

4, in order to ensure the sharpness of the knife incision, Plastic Shredder should always check the blade, to ensure its sharpness, reduce the blade blunt lack of other components caused unnecessary damage.

5, the second start, should be cleared of the rest of the machine room scrap, to reduce the starting resistance. The inertial cover and the pulley cover should be opened periodically to clear the bottom of the flange, Plastic Shredder and the ash inlet from the crushing chamber is discharged into the shaft bearing.

6, change the blade, the gap between the moving knife and fixed knife: 20HP above crusher 0.8MM is good, 20HP below the crusher 0. The thinner the recovery material, Plastic Shredder the gap can be adjusted appropriately.

7, regularly check whether the belt lax, timely tightening.

8, the machine should keep good grounding.