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Plastic Bellows Machine Production Is Stable And Reliable

Aug 09, 2017

Plastic bellows is mainly composed of extruder (two), control system, head, stereotypes cooling system, traction machine, planetary cutting device and turning frame. Each plastic bellows device has two extruders, one of its main extruder with a strong transmission bushing and high efficiency screw, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine another extruder for the extrusion mark line.

Mold and auxiliary machine: the nose with the latest design of the basket head or spiral split pipe extrusion head, with easy adjustment, uniform discharge characteristics, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine sizing sets of unique slotting process and water ring cooling to ensure that Pipe forming accuracy.

Features: high degree of automation, easy operation, continuous production of stable and reliable.

Pipe applications: for (light) cable jacket protection, industrial, civil, infusion, gas pipeline

Pipe features: rigidity, strength, but also has good flexibility, creep resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking; good heat welding

The operation steps of plastic bellows machine

1 Before starting the machine, it is necessary to carefully check the key parts of the equipment to ensure that the equipment in the case of safe and open transmission heating.

2 in the production, in accordance with the provisions of the formula, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine with a good raw material, and automatic feeding machine to open the drying.

3 according to the requirements of the process to heat a certain temperature and time, the first head of the last material slowly squeeze out, squeeze the end, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine in the nose smear silicone oil, a good mold, open cooling water.

4 according to the requirements of the process will mold the speed to the development of the speed, and to ensure that the plastic bellows head can be successfully passed through the finished reversing table.

5, when the product is not roundness, thickness, surface quality should be measured at any time or with the vernier caliper to take measurements, found the problem, to adjust the process parameters at any time, To ensure product quality.

6 boot normal, to check back and forth to check the equipment, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine and to be equipped with the next step to prepare the material, the waste part of the move to the crusher waiting for broken.

7 need to add broken material into the raw materials, it is necessary to change the formula after the production.

8 abnormal or can not judge their own fault, to immediately stop, Plastic Corrugated Pipe Machine and the cause of the accident to do a good job, careful inspection. Take the right after the next boot.

9 each time you boot will do a good job of production records, process parameters, production intelligence, fault exception, etc. fill. After the end of each class production, on-site health, equipment, health should be carefully cleaned, the work site to be "four clear four Qi" to ensure safe and civilized production.