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PET Bottle Recycling Machine, Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

Mar 08, 2017

SAIOU Recycling’s PET bottle washing line is the ideal solution for your PET recycling needs. This fully automated washing line takes compacted bales of PET bottles and turns them into clean, contaminant-free PET flakes that can be used in producing polyester staple fiber or pelletized into granules for use in manufacturing other PET products.


This is accomplished by the implementation of a series of recycling machinery. Our standard PET washing line ranges from an input capacity of 500kg/h upwards to 3,000kg/h. The output capacity is based on the amount of contamination in the PET bottles you’re recycling. While our standard PET bottle washing line is sufficient for most plants, custom setups with additional machinery and increased capacity can be designed for your specific needs. Please contact us for further information about custom projects.