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Pacific Junk Island - Poses A Serious Threat To Global Bio-life Health

Dec 01, 2017

"China Plastics Machinery Network International News" "Pacific Garbage Island" is located in the waters between California State and Hawaii, the giant "plastic whirlpool" area equivalent to two of American Texas, formed the East Pacific dumps. These swirls of waste are swallowed by fish, sea turtles and other marine animals will produce a lot of toxins, eventually through the body of marine organisms, birds into the human food chain.

On September 10, 2009, according to the National Geographic website, recently, SeaPlex (the English abbreviation of the Snooker Environmental Plastics expedition) became the first study to specialize in the "plastic whirlpool" between California State and Hawaii. The giant "Plastic Whirlpool", which is equivalent to two American Texas, found a large amount of plastic waste on a 1700-mile (2700-kilometer) voyage, forming a landfill on the eastern Pacific Ocean.

In 1997, the oceanographer, Charles Moore, discovered the rubbish island when he sailed through the North Pacific Circulation System (Northern Pacific gyre). Navigators generally avoid passing through the ocean circulation system because of the constant high pressure system, known as the equatorial wind-free belt, with no wind or airflow to benefit the sailors.

Moore found a large number of plastic caps, plastic bags, high-frequency insulating materials and tiny plastic chips floating on the surface. The sun and the waves slowly decompose them into small pieces. These fragments are suspended under the sea, and the ships and satellites trying to paint the plastic continent cannot see them at all. But in the process of trawling later, Moore found that the number of fragments was 6 times times that of plankton.

Scientists have now identified the cause of this super rubbish heap. The discarded empty plastic bags entered the ocean through the sewers, and the constantly moving currents brought them together and eventually formed the "rubbish island" now seen. As the currents circulate in a circular motion, the scattered pieces of rubbish are gradually converging together. Ocean experts say the huge garbage island floating on the sea is a vast expanse of water between California State and Hawaii, mainly composed of living rubbish, of which 80% are discarded plastic products, mainly from land, weighing up to 3.5 million tonnes.

Ecologists have warned that these floating marine debris will pose a serious threat to aquatic life. They explain that birds mistakenly treat plastic as food, causing the consumption system to be blocked. Since then, eating plastic birds will eventually die of starvation. At the same time, the natural degradation process of plastics is up to dozens of years. Some local governments have tried to ban the production and use of plastic bags in shops and advise consumers to use reusable net-bag.

Original title giant "Plastic Whirlpool" seriously threatens aquatic life


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