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Marine Plastic Pollution Is Now A Global Environmental Problem

Oct 29, 2017

Recently, there are photographers in the waters of Rutland Island in  Honduras to shoot scenes of shocking picture: where the original clear  water has been a large area of plastic garbage cover, a veritable  garbage of the sea.

Divers  want to dive into the sea, but looking at the eyes of the head of the  plastic garbage, the diver's face showing helpless painful look;  photographers from the seabed to a large number of plastic bottles,  plastic bags and other garbage floating in the sea, Blocking the sun into the sea; floating plastic spoon and plastic fork in the middle of seaweed everywhere.

It  is understood that most of these plastic waste from the nearby  Guatemala, the local upright rainy season, the rain will be readily  discarded plastic waste into the river, and ultimately into the sea. "This is the most serious case of plastic contamination that he has  ever seen," said a member of the Blue Planet Society, a marine  conservation organization.

Marine plastic pollution is now a global environmental problem. It  is estimated that there are 480 ~ 12.7 million tons of plastic waste  into the ocean each year, which is equivalent to 100 ~ 300 plastic bags  per 1 meter coastline in the coastal area. When the plastic products into the ocean, it will start a long journey. The sun will let it break down, aging, curling, the tide will tear it  from our side of the plastic bags, mineral water bottles and takeaway  lunch boxes become smaller and smaller invisible particles, and then  into the food chain.

Most  of the fish in the ocean are plagued by plastic products, died of  malnutrition, intestinal obstruction or plastic adsorption of toxic  substances. These plastic products are like gentle killers, deposited in the body, gathered, and ultimately take their lives.


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