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High Production Efficiency Of Single Shaft Crusher

Aug 30, 2017

If you want to break the material into smaller and even fragments, a single shaft crusher is a more appropriate choice. Zhongshan Hao Rui single shaft waste single shaft crusher is equipped with a large inertia knife roll and a hydraulic pusher, can guarantee high output; Single Shaft Shredder Dynamic cutter and fixed knife high efficiency of the regular cutting action, with the screen aperture control, can break the broken material into the expected size.

Single Shaft crusher has a larger knife roller, torque and power and the corresponding crushing structure is also greater, can be used for crushing large bundles of plastic bottles, cans, barrels, boxes, scrap, FRP, waste rubber, waste paper, old carpets, pallet board, domestic waste, scrap metal, large-caliber tin boxes, Single Shaft Shredder such as environmental crushing and recycling.

Single Shaft Crusher Features:

Single Shaft crusher main body: The equipment main body uses the Q235 steel plate welding to eliminate the stress treatment/the whole machine processing, guarantees the equipment in the long time heavy load the stability; The tool uses special-purpose tool special metal tool steel material to forge, Single Shaft Shredder through the special heat treatment, guaranteed the cutting performance and the service life.

High-efficiency motor reducer: the use of domestic well-known brands of energy efficiency Standard motor, excellent standard export products, and before the factory load testing to ensure the stability of the power system.

Electrical control System: The main electrical control of the use of brand electrical components Intelligent control system, in and out of the material conveying device in the Electric box control contacts, simple and safe operation.

Internal structure: Both the tool and the knife are made of alloy tools steel, Single Shaft Shredder fixed knife can be used both sides, from the bolt fixed easy disassembly, relative to each other feeding, greatly improve the production efficiency, play the highest cutting efficiency of the equipment, Single Shaft Shredder movable knife can be used in many facets, through the knife seat pressure block inlay fixed, disassembly and replacement blade simple and convenient.

Screen: Large area screen to improve the output efficiency, is used to filter broken materials, when the material to reach the required size automatically fall, screen aperture size determines the size of the size of the material (the larger the aperture, the larger the output, the smaller the aperture, the smaller the output).

Protection system: The crushing system is designed to prevent overload and automatically reverses when the machine overload is overloaded. Single Shaft Shredder When the motor current reaches a certain value (the current valve value can be adjusted), the single shaft crusher automatically reverses for a few seconds, completes the material position to rearrange, the rotation shaft restores the starting turn (the inversion frequency is adjustable).

Considering the measures of noise reduction and dust reduction in the design project, Single Shaft Shredder the noise and dust of the exhaust are minimized, and the operation point noise of the equipment is ≤85 (Db) A.