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HDPE Drainage Sheet Production Line

May 10, 2017



Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:JS-PSB

  • Product Type:PE Board

  • Board Layers:Multilayer 

  • Automation:Automatic

  • Computerized:Computerized

  • Certification:CE, ISO9001:2008

  • Customized:Customized

  • Condition:New

  • Dimensions(L*W*H)(M):22*4(5,6)*2.8

  • Production Width(mm):2000~5000

  • Production Height(mm):8,10,12,15,18,20,25,30

  • Output(Kg/H):400~1000

  • Power Consumption:132~300

  • Total Weight:16~36

  • Specification:CE, ISO9001: 2008

  • Origin:China

Product Description
HDPE Drainage Panel Production line is Saiou's machinery in china(patent protected).Under unique mechanics design, Saiou machine has following advantages:
Convex wall thickness of the circular convex on the drainage panel is well-proportioned.
Compression strength is 50% higher than other similar products,which solves the great quality problem.
Power saving 40%.
Higher output.
Same forming roller,with changing different dimples,different sizes and shapes will be got.
With changing mould,round and square shape.
Drainage board thickness range is 0.5-5.5mm,width up to 5000mm
Double color can be produced by another model machine.
Drainage instrument
1 Raw materiel:high density PE
2 Instrument attribute(width 2000mm)
  (1)Mater batch mixer:mix volume:300 Litre.
    mix capacity:500kg/h,mix power 3000watts
  (2)Automatic conveyor,Electrical machine power is 1100 watts,conveyor speed:
  (3)one-screw extruder
Screw diameter:150mm,length-diameter ratio is 30 to 1,the screw rotation speed is 0~75round per minute
The main electrical machine power is 132 kilowatts,the frequence is controlled by frequency transformer from Taiwan.
Heating ring is the multi-stage cast aluminium heating ring.The material screw is Nitriding 38CrMoAl.The nitriding depth is 0.4~0.7mm, the hardness of nitriding is HV720-940
The control cabinet is OMRON temperature controller,and LG converter.
(4)Hand-control circular net or oil-press net ex-changer(choose one by yourself)
(5)Coat-hanger shape plate mould is chroming
(6)Forming roller:the efficient forming diameter is about 700mm,the length is 2000mm.
(7)Drawing:Frequency transformer from Taiwan,control the speed by changing the frequence.