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Granulator Produce Recycled Plastics Granulator-related News

Jan 03, 2017

1: plastic recycling machinery
Our plastic recycling machinery has become one of the most rapidly developing industries in the manufacturing, annual demand increase plastics recycling machinery. Plastic recycling machinery development in China in the following factors: one is the rapid development of the plastics processing industry in China, demand for plastic recycling machinery; the second is the demand for high technology equipment brought about by the device update and the Elimination of obsolete equipment.
In addition, plastics production also led to a plastic recycling machinery sales growth. Plastic recycling a good development prospect, and will continue to be good prospects of Chinese plastic machinery industry development.

2:PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS are the most profitable 5 waste plastic recycle types
At present the most profitable waste plastic has five kinds of resin, PE, PP, PVC, PS, and ABS, five kinds of resins recycled aggregate profits to be higher than that of other waste plastic 30%. One PE, PP is the most profitable.
At present, China 30% of plastics products exports to foreign markets, foreign trade and processing enterprises specifically acquire higher quality recycled aggregate, and new material mix (added 10%--20% renewable materials) together to make qualified products export, so you can reduce the cost of processing the production. Waste plastics processors can choose to garbage bags, shopping bags, plastic shoes, such as foreign trade and processing enterprises for the target customer

3: the proliferation of waste plastic bags
Plastic bags abuse on environment of poison, environmental sector years Qian had implementation limited with plastic bags policy, shopping plastic bags of using volume once reduced about 80%, people owned shopping bags of wishes also big increased, unfortunately lack before and after has always of implementation determination, ended up "Thunder, mouse", currently full Taiwan 80,000 more than snack bar, and restaurant, most go back free provides plastic bags of old, market of plastic bags more flooded, let support limited plastic policy of people and environmental people big sense distressed.