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Delivery HDPE PET Bottle Recycling Machine

Dec 05, 2017

Addition of PE bottles, used mainly as HDPE bottles, it has dairy milk bottles, food bottles, cosmetics bottles, after sorting, cleaning HDPE recovery bottles can be crushed selecting the materials, the usage as below:

1) Use colored cola bottle base

2) Used for pipe co-extrusion intermediate core layer

3) Fill talc or fiberglass to make flower cups or injection molded products.

4) With the fiber composite, used as artificial wood, because of the poor compatibility of wood fiber and HDPE, so need to join the appropriate coupling agent or activated wood fiber

Make artificial gravel, crush HDPE bottles into fine pieces or granules, and then stick gravel made of yarn, metal, etc. on the surface, and then mix with concrete or asphalt for civil construction material

Our plastic bottle recycling machine:

(1) Belt Conveyor with Metal detector 1.5KW

(2) GS1200 crusher with water 75KW

(3) Friction Washer machine 18.5KW


The Final HDPE bottle flakes:


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