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Colorful Couch - Do You Know It's Recycled Plastic Do?

Dec 19, 2017

Ecopixel  collaborates with atelier mendini to create a striking plastic  recycling innovation that combines pixel color with recycled plastic.  Alessandro mendini has always had his own insistence on the fantasy  world Using recycled plastic debris as a base material, he designed a  deckchair called Alex, and the impressive "pixel" piece measures 24 x 24  mm.

Alessandro  mendini's extraordinary design to further promote the development of  ecopixel boosting technology, the mix of eight carefully selected colors  randomly into a colorful furniture seat, each presenting a unique  combination. Designer alessandro mendini said: "The dependable quality of ecopixel  offers the opportunity for powerful texturing and color expression,  while enabling a new multicolor pixel technology approach." Ecopixel has  successfully turned abandoned polyethylene material into a  point-and-click art piece.

These  powerful geometries result from the combination of a polygonal plane  with a dynamic linear edge. Ecopixel's innovative "supercharger  rotation" mode of production uses a well-defined line of folded origami  paper to create a scatter-and- With a completely different contemporary look from traditional  round-edged surfaces in other ways of production, Ecopixel technology  combines colorful pixel elements at random, each time with a unique  finish.

recycle plasticCan melt into different shapes and colors

Each  couch also has a first-year 2017 draft certificate with a unique  marking plate to record the serial number.EXEX is made of 55% recyclable  material and is 100% recyclable at the same time.Ecopixel is hoping to  use the materials that will continue to be part of the recycling cycle. The  work can withstand minus ten degrees to fifty degrees on the  temperature, which means it applies to any indoor and outdoor  environments. This material is extremely durable, feels very soft, very comfortable feel.

alessandro mendini said: "Ecopixel succeeded in turning discarded polyethylene material into a work of art by point.

Ecopixel  introduced this new way of recycling plastics by 100% low-density  polyethylene (LDPE), which melts at 120 degrees, enabling numerous  re-melting combinations without changing its properties . The lower dissolution temperature means that the environmental impact at the production stage is greatly reduced. This material can be melted into different shapes and colors without  the need to homogenize the color elements of the original waste  material, resulting in a distinctive pixelated appearance.

recycling plastic reused

Original title: Recycled plastic turned colorful sun loungers


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