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The Different Name Of Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

Jun 12, 2017

Recycling of plastic waste equipment is called different name. But generally speaking, it is called the mainstream can be roughly divided into three categories, let's take a look! 

First, plastic granulator, because of the plastic waste through plastic extrusion granulation machine into a uniform system plasticized melt, and in the process under the pressure build-up, is a continuous screw extrusion head. Then through the cooling slots cold indeed, drying equipment drying, pelletizing into the pelletizer machine processing, and finally through the screening, filtration uneven size particles. And because of the shape of the solid manufacturing process and the final product is named after plastic granulator! 

Second, plastic extruder, in fact, the whole process is much the same, as long as the auxiliary with different shapes or can produce different specifications of the product, so there is another name for a more mainstream focus on the whole process is the most important extrusion system, plastic extrusion system through plasticized into a homogeneous melt is then extruded, solid and hence the name, known as plastic extrusion machine! 

Third, plastic granules machine, in fact, named after the plastic granules machine name with plastic granulator is very similar, just plastic particles machine is simply to line the final product results like to name, but the plastic granulator naming also includes meaning of the manufacturing process, tablets: also refers particles. 

In addition to these three major names in the granulator there are two main parts, "screw" to name but also by the recognition, and are referred to by their number of screw single screw extruder, a twin screw extruder and the machine! 

Earlier there pulling machine is called, but later this title in the field of plastic waste recycling relatively less, while the more widely used in the fields of food!

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