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Vietnam International Trade Fair

Sep 09, 2017

 Vietnam International Trade Fair and international wire and cable and materials equipment (Vietnam) exhibition has been the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry, the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and other ministries, Hanoi City People's Government's strong support is one of Southeast Asia's well-known important brand exhibition, Has been 25 years of history. The annual exhibition with its good reputation and extensive publicity, attracting attention from the same industry at home and abroad has become Vietnam's largest international and professional and strong industrial exhibition. "Vietnam Hanoi International Industry Exhibition" was founded in 1991, once a year, Vietnam and even Southeast Asia's largest and most influential one of the industrial exhibition.

Vietnam more than 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors, of which nearly 200 foreign enterprises. The exhibition area of the previous exhibition area of 11,500 square meters, the outdoor area of 4,000 square meters; the number of visitors up to 35,000 people / times, professional audience rate as high as 70%. From Vietnam, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Cuba, Czech India, France, Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan and other 20 countries and regions.


Which Kind machines will be showed?

1. plastic injection molding machine, dynamic filling and sealing machine, material dryer, single / twin screw extrusion sheet machine;

2. plastic packaging machine, plastic knitting machine, plastic pipe production line;

3. plastic mold and die, plastic powder feeder, foam / reaction or reinforced resin equipment;

4.granulator, automatic blow molding machine, hollow board extrusion machine profile extrusion machine, injection molding machine, PET special extrusion sheet machine;

5. rubber raw materials, rubber materials, plastic raw materials, plastic accessories.


Exhibition Date: 9/13-16,2017

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