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Temperature control of plastic granulator

Jan 03, 2017

Host plastic granulator is an extruder, plastic granulator work in host job screw in the barrel will produce a lot of heat, so plastic granulator hosts are generally equipped with a temperature system.

Host control is mainly wire and cable insulation and sheathed in plastic extrusion based on thermoplastic deformation characteristics, making it in a viscous State. Except requirements screw rod and machine tube external heating, to plastic makes of melting extrusion, also to consider plastic made grain machine screw Rod extrusion plastic Shi its itself of fever, so requirements plastic made grain machine host of temperature from overall to consider, both consider heater heating of open and shut, and consider screw rod of extrusion heat spills of factors be cooling, to has effective of cooling facilities. And reasonable determination of measuring component thermocouple plastic granulator location and installation methods, from the temperature control instrument readings accurately reflects the actual temperature of the host. And requires the precision of temperature control instrument and system work well, making the entire host fluctuations in temperature control system meet the requirements of a variety of plastic extrusion temperature stability.