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Plastic granulator research briefing

Jan 03, 2017

Plastic is a polymer resin as main ingredient, at a certain temperature and pressure are malleable, and after molding, keeping the same shape and size and certain properties. Due to plastic has weight light, than strength high, electrical performance excellent, chemical stability superior, friction coefficient small, wear performance excellent, sucking earthquake and muffler noise role good, and has good of elastic, and easy forming, and easy cutting, and easy welding, and can is good to and metal, and glass, and wood and the other material phase stick received, features, coupled with, raw materials source rich, so it in people life, and industrial and agricultural production, and defense industry, the aspects are get has widely of application. China plastics industry after a long struggle and are open to the world, category also has formed a complete industrial system.

Synthetic resins and plastic products, plastic granulator in the production, have shown strong momentum of development of China plastics industry. Plastic molding methods can be divided into film, lamination, injection, extrusion, blow molding, casting and reaction injection molded of plastic and many other types. Among them, extrusion molded in plastic processing industry occupies an important position. In the processing of plastics, extrusion molding products have been among the top of plastic products. Although some of the extruder can be molded directly from powdered raw materials, but most plastics machinery still need preliminary particles of plastic molding. Plastic granulator is commonly used for processing waste plastic film (shoe looks for industrial packaging film, agriculture, greenhouse film, beer packs, bags, etc), bags, agricultural bag, pots, barrels, bottles, furniture, daily necessities, especially suitable for the most common types of waste plastics recycling process. Granulator industry's rapid development, beverages, beer matching granulating machine will have greater development potential.