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Plastic granulator reduction principles and reduction ratio is how many?

Jan 03, 2017

In most plastic granulator, screw speed by adjusting the motor speed. Motor speed of about 175r/min generally, but it was too fast for a granulation machine screw. If at such a fast speed, will produce too much friction and heat, and plastic preparation of uniform residence time is too short and not, good mixing of the melt. Typical reduction ratios (10:1)-(20:1). First phase of either gear or pulley can be used, but the second stage gear and screw positioning in the last big gear Centre.

In the slow running machines (such as twin screw for UPVC), maybe 3 a deceleration phase and maximum velocity may be as low as 30r/min or lower (ratio of 60:1). The other extreme, some mixed, long double screws can defend with 600r/min or faster speeds, therefore need a very low rate of deceleration and need a lot of deep cooling.

Deceleration rate matches the task at times differ, there is too much energy cannot be used, and may in the motor and change the maximum speed of the first reduction stage between a pulley. Which either screw defend rate increases to more than the previous limit, or to reduce the maximum speed maximum speed allowed the system to run. This will increase access to energy, reducing currents and to avoid heat problems. In both cases, according to the material and its cooling needs, output is likely to increase.