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Plastic granulator-machine operation problems

Jan 03, 2017

Plastic granulator-machine operation problems

We use plastics machinery when those problems?

1. fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be placed close to the use of oil equipment.
2. failures or irregularities must be reported when the person concerned, and professional maintenance personnel for processing. If there are any irregularities affecting the security appears, immediately press the emergency stop switch.
3. do not use the metal impurity or silt of low quality recycled material, shall be placed near the inlet may fall into the metal to prevent screw and barrel wear or jam, damaged.
4. operation you want to use, plastic cleaner, viscosity and other indicators are in line with requirements of hydraulic oil, and in accordance with the regulations for oil cooler to provide an adequate flow of cooling water to prevent hydraulic components and piping for oil pollution or heat block, leakage and other damage. Extruder reducer should be raised to meet the requirements of lubricating oil.
5. plastic machinery, strictly in accordance with operation requirements, not in non-station for illegal operations. To ensure the reliability of safety devices shall not damage the machine's security measures in pursuit of efficiency.
6. plastic machinery operation, material temperature set temperature is not reached, the holding time is not sufficient, are not allowed to turn screw operation.
7. by trained and familiar with the plastic mechanical structures and operating procedures of the operator to operate.

Twin screw extruder gear box maintenance considerations
Using twin screw extrusion machines, machines of reasonable maintenance to extend the life of the machine, so to active protection when using twin screw extrusion gear box, in order to protect the Cabinet must do the following

1. should be clean, oil tank and oil filter, replace after clarified the use of lubricants, clean lubricant again into the box above the box once, then released, then mount the new lubricant.
2. the first time after 500 hours of use, change the oil once,
3. normal operating oil level is not lower than marked centre line, below the center line please add
4. after that oil every 3,000-hour time
5. normal twin screw extruder gear box using regular monthly should be clean and lube oil filters, bedding-in period within a week to clean the oil filter. Cleaning method, locate the oil filter, turn it on, and remove the dirt.