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Plastic granulating and pelletizing plant construction in the machine? What are the characteristics?

Jan 03, 2017

It is the main extrusion pelletizing equipment auxiliary devices. Cutting auxiliary machine according to its methods of work and the role of different, can be divided into fervent and cooling in two parts, eager, there are dry, water and underwater structures, their specific characteristics and application of the methods of work are as follows.

① dry cutting: dry granulate production method is the extruded material immediately after the extruder is a rotating blade cut into uniform lengths of granular, then by the fan through the granular material to the cooling, screening devices. This way of cutting suitable for polyethylene Qi the mixing chopped.

Water of circumcision: water ring pelletizing production method refers to the extrusion of material immediately is a rotating blade cutting, dice throws and attached to the inner wall of the audience and high speed rotating water ring and water separator dehydrated pellets into the water, drying and then sent to the cooling cooling, is finished. This production method is suitable for polyolefin compounding pelletizing.

Under water cutting under water pelletizing production method refers to the extruder immediately strips of material into water cooling, then cut into pellets, and the circulating water sent to centrifugal pellet dryer dewatering and drying. Such cutting is suitable for mixing material pelletizing twin screw extruder, used for larger quantities.

④ cold cut cooling grain refers to the extruding machine mixed plastic materials, from the barrel before the molding mold plastic sheet material, fall after cooling coil in the tank first, then use special cutting machine cutting. This extrusion pelletizing production, suitable for PE, pp, ABS, polyethylene terephthalate mixing pelletizing of raw materials.