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Maintenance of plastics building materials

Jan 03, 2017

Plastic granulating machine starting from the day of production, it is necessary to bear dynamic loads. Each part due to wear and tear, corrosion and unreasonable operation and maintenance and other reasons, after a period of work, performance and efficiency of its work, will fall. For a plastic granulating machine maintenance purpose, that is, in order to prolong their working life, ensure the plastic granulator function in normal mode of operation.

Maintenance is divided into day-to-day maintenance and periodic maintenance.

① routine maintenance: routine maintenance is regular, each production shift operators ' maintenance, such as: succession to the device check, lubricate, scrubbing equipment to oil, loosening of the fastening nut.

② maintenance: regular maintenance of plastic machine, normally once a year. Are generally on vacation recently, set aside a couple of days. This work carried out by maintenance workers and operators meet, with equipment and technical personnel to participate in carried out maintenance work on the equipment.