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HDPE Waterproof Drainage Dimpled Sheet Production Line

Apr 19, 2017

Product Detail

 HDPE waterproof drainage board production line

The waterproof drainage board production line is one of the latest product of our company; based on traditional sheet extrusion machine, with some special innovative upgrade, it become more efficient for HDPE drainage board manufacturing.


1. Water drainage performance
with the dimpled hollow and stud structure, rain water can be easily drained; and it will highly reduce even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure on waterproof layer. it upgrades waterproof into a initiative manner.

2. Waterproof performance
HDPE drainage board itself is good material for waterproof; when they are reliably connected, will be a very good auxiliary for building waterproof.

3. Protection performance
the waterproof drainage board can effectively protect building and its waterproofing layer from any damage or corrosion by various acid and alkaline substances and plant roots in soil. if well set drainage board again the wall before backfilling outside the basement, it will help prevent walls and waterproofing layer from damaging.

4. Noise insulation, ventilation and dampproof performance
Experimental data proves the board can significantly reduced the noise; also have good ventilation and dampproof effect when used on the floor or wall.



Application fileds:

1. Garden engineering: garage roof greening, roof garden, green roof, soccer fields, golf courses, beach projects;

2. Municipal engineering: roadbed, subway tunnels, etc.

3. Construction: upper and lower base of building, inside and outside walls of basement, building antiseep and heat insulation, etc.

4. Traffic Engineering: roads, railway roadbed, levee and slope protection layer, etc.